First Session

You are invited to arrange a no-obligation initial counselling session. During this session we will talk about confidentiality and explore your expectations, hopes and possible fears you may have related to therapy.
I will also explain to you briefly the essence of how I work according to the person-centred approach of counselling, what I can offer and in general engage in any questions you might want to ask.

In case you would like to go ahead with counselling, the clear contracting is an ethical and vital part to provide the foundation of good practice and meaningful work. The contract is the initial agreement between the client and the counsellor which includes topics like the earlier mentioned confidentiality, then the number of available sessions, the duration of each session, aspects around possible cancellations and the session fee.


Session: Each session lasts between 50-60 minutes.

Fee: £ 40 per session  (initial session half price)