“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination”   glasgow-counselling2
(Carl R. Rogers)

My service provides short-and long-term counselling in times when you encounter difficulties in your life. I facilitate your individual process of exploring thoughts and feelings in your own pace within a confidential, safe and empathic environment. Counselling can support you in initiating positive change for yourself.

In case you had a dream lately or even experience recurrent dreams and wonder about their meaning, you are very welcome to bring them as well into the session.

Dreams can offer a useful insight into crucial aspects of your life. My counselling sessions provide a safe environment where I facilitate your individual dream-meaning-process if you wish to engage with it.

On the doorstep of the counselling practice you will find a nature reserve that offers you the opportunity to go for a mindfulness walk before or after the session as part of self-care to support your well-being.


Be invited under no obligation to find out whether this counselling service offers what you are looking for by contacting me via phone on  (0790 662 2756)   or email: ulrike@cedarcounsellingservice.com.